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Navigating Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages in 2024

The decision to get a reverse mortgage can be big, depending on the borrower's financial situation. Maybe you've decided that additional cash flow will help to stabilize your retirement finances, or maybe you're looking to fund something like in-home care or a renovation to make your house more accessible. Whatever your potential reason for getting a reverse mortgage, you won't find an industry that is more upfront about the potential benefits with possible downsides to the product category. Any reverse mortgage professional worth their salt will be very open about the fact... Read Full Article

Comparing Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Reverse Mortgages: Which is Right for You?

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Many senior borrowers have been raised on the idea that a fixed-rate reverse mortgage is the "only way to go." Still others remember the early 80's when interest rates climbed as high as 18%. Some borrowers experienced rising interest rates from adjustable-rate loans (or knew others who did), and some remember family and friends whose payments rose to a point where they could no longer afford their homes. A fixed rate locks the rate in for the life of the loan, and the borrower does not have to ever worry... Read Full Article

2023 Reverse Mortgage HECM Limits to Surpass $1 Million

ALERT: 2024 HECM Limit Soars to $1,149,825 The reverse mortgage lending limit for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages will surpass $1 million for the first time ever in 2023 under program adjustments set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that are updated annually. The lending limit for 2023 HECM loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration will be $1,089,300, an increase of more than $118,000 over the 2022 lending limit of $970,800. The HUD lending limit changes year over year to reflect the current housing market and... Read Full Article

3 Options After Death of a Reverse Mortgage

There are a few things you need to do and although you do have some time, time is limited so you need to act without unnecessary delays.  The first thing you need to do is decide what you really want to do with the house. You can keep the home, sell it, or walk away and owe nothing regardless of the amount owed on the loan.  Obviously if there is equity still in the property it is to your or the estate's benefit to keep or sell the property, but... Read Full Article

Is a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit a Good Option for You?

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Hi, I own my home in ABQ, NM. It is in a popular older neighborhood. I purchased the home about 3 years ago and paid cash. It was in total disrepair at the time and sold at a substantial discount as a result. The remodel was extensive, with most of the house stripped down to the frame, and completely rebuilt, including some of the framing, new roof structure, new electrical, plumbing, and everything. I modernized the floor plan, used the attic to make the ceilings vaulted, added a spacious... Read Full Article

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work in 2021?

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If you're at or near the age of 62 and are looking for ways you can adequately fund your retirement, it's understandable that a reverse mortgage has become a potential option for you to consider. Maybe you've seen an ad on TV, or maybe you've just had to think about the future a little more intently and are open to some new options. But, if you don't quite know how a reverse mortgage loan works, then you've come to the right place. Please note that the details and provisions... Read Full Article

What is the Minimum Age for a Reverse Mortgage?

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What are the age requirements for a reverse mortgage? The reverse mortgage product was specifically designed to meet the needs of an older borrower. As envisioned, this type of loan is available to help people access their home equity later in life when they may need to supplement a fixed income in retirement. While historically, reverse mortgages were available only to people at least 62 years old, recent product developments and private reverse mortgage loans available today offer reverse mortgage options to some borrowers who are not yet 62. ... Read Full Article

Can You Outlive a Reverse Mortgage LESA Account?

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If you have a reverse mortgage (HECM) in place with a LESA, and you outlive the LESA, what happens? Alternatively, say the LESA was calculated estimating that you would live to a certain age and pay the taxes and insurance, and you outlived the funds available in the LESA, what would happen in that case? These are great questions and ones to which all borrowers with LESA accounts should know the answers.  Firstly, if you pass and there are still funds that were set aside in the account... Read Full Article

Understanding the Key Reverse Mortgage Rules for 2024

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The reverse mortgage product is like other loans in many ways. A lender extends a loan to a qualified borrower, and in the case of a reverse mortgage, the borrower can then draw on loan proceeds based on a set of loan terms. Yet some specific rules are particular to reverse mortgages. It's essential to explore these rules and understand both the rules to qualify and the rules that all borrowers need to follow post-closing. In this article, you will learn: Qualifications that borrowers must meet before getting... Read Full Article

What is a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage?

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A reverse mortgage is an increasingly well-known loan type that allows age-qualified senior borrowers to access their home equity while still living in the home. However, many prospective borrowers may not be as familiar with the different loan programs available, specifically the differences between a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and a jumbo reverse mortgage. In this article , you will learn: The differences between a jumbo reverse mortgage and a HECM Scenarios when it may make sense to consider a jumbo reverse mortgage Where to find a... Read Full Article