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All Reverse Mortgage Inc.
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Headquarters: Orange, California

States licensed: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington

All Reverse is licensed in 17 states, with its top state for loan volume being California.

Company leadership: Michael Branson, CEO and Cliff Auerswald, President. All Reverse is family owned and operated.

Product offerings: HECM, various private reverse mortgages

All Reverse originates traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, as well as proprietary reverse mortgages offered by various lenders. These proprietary programs can allow borrowers with high-value homes access more of their home equity, and they can also allow for some borrowers to get reverse mortgages on condo units that are not approved by the Federal Housing Administration.

Lender ranking: As of fall 2019, All Reverse was the 13th reverse mortgage lender by volume, nationwide.

Brief history: All Reverse Mortgage was founded in 2004, with the first loan the company ever made being made to a family member. The company has always been focused solely on reverse mortgage lending, contrary to some of its industry counterparts that offer both forward and reverse mortgage loans.

This specialized focus in reverse mortgages allows All Reverse’s originators to become experts in what they do, and consult with borrowers based on their specific reverse mortgage needs.

The owners and management of All Reverse Mortgage were also part of the team that wrote and sold the first fixed-rate jumbo reverse mortgage in 2008, providing them with longstanding experience in jumbo and other proprietary loan programs.

Originally based in Costa Mesa, California, All Reverse began as a mortgage broker, and today is a direct lender, meaning it completes the loan underwriting process in-house, but continues to work with multiple lenders in the marketplace.

Under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Direct Endorsement (DE) program, lenders for FHA-insured loans, underwrite for FHA directly, rather than the agency itself having to do that underwriting. DE lenders must demonstrate that they can review and certify mortgage documents for FHA and follow HUD's program policies and procedures.

As a DE lender, All Reverse takes pride in offering the best rates and a wide variety of reverse mortgage options including the traditional HECM; the HECM for Purchase, which can be used to purchase a new home with a reverse mortgage; and an array of private loan programs designed for jumbo borrowers or those who have condos that are not FHA approved.

All Reverse’s staff has decades of experience combined, and is known for its reverse-mortgage specific expertise.

The company is also very tech forward, having a strong online presence and having built a wealth of online resources for senior borrowers seeking reverse mortgage information including user-friendly calculators to give prospective borrowers a sense of how a reverse mortgage may fit in with their financial pictures.

Launch of ARLO: In 2017, All Reverse launched an innovative, first-of-its-kind comparison tool, coined “ARLO” — the All Reverse Loan Optimizer. The comparison tool allows prospective reverse mortgage applicants to preview the different loan programs available based on several variables including annual rates, origination fees and credits, in addition to typical reverse mortgage calculator inputs such as home value, age, and interest rates. The goal, All Reverse said in announcing the launch, was to help borrowers navigate rate comparisons, mortgage insurance premiums and principal limit factors (or prospective borrowing potential) given the many different loan options that are available.

“I believe this is a win for the consumer, while also supporting the needed solvency of the reverse mortgage program,” All Reverse president Cliff Auerswald said at the time of ARLO’s release.

With ARLO, borrower prospects can gain real-time amortization, interest rate and closing-cost projections, allowing them to get a sense of the actual costs associated with getting a reverse mortgage — both upfront and on an ongoing basis.

ARLO also covers a searchable database of more than 1,600 questions and answers aimed toward helping prospective borrowers learn more about reverse mortgages.

Media coverage and awards: All Reverse Mortgage has been mentioned frequently in trade media as well as national press. The company was named to the “Top 6 Reverse Mortgage Lenders of 2016-2017" by Advisory HQ, and in 2014 the Huffington Post said "The Maverick is All Reverse Mortgage." Among industry outlets, All Reverse was surveyed as "Best Reverse Mortgage Website" by Professor Jack Guttentag (a.k.a. “The Mortgage Professor”) in 2013, and was the winner of "Best Reverse Mortgage Brand" designation by the Reverse Mortgage Daily Awards of 2011.

All Reverse has the highest A+ Exemplary Rating awarded by the Better Business Bureau with Independent Consumer Review of 5/5 stars. Additionally, the company has a BBB Net Promoter Rating of 97% versus the average reverse mortgage lender score of 78%.

All Reverse also hosts its own blog with up-to-date news and information on reverse mortgages, program changes, new product availability and more.

Offers up to $50,000+ More -vs- Leading Competitors
Highest Rated Lender by the Better Business Bureau (Perfect 5.0 Star Reviews)
15 Years Experience (Reverse Mortgages ONLY)
HUD Approved Direct Lender of HECM & Jumbo Reverse Mortgages
Customer Reviews (137)
Daniel O., IL   December 23, 2019
I was very pleased to have ARM working on my case. From start to finish it took only 5 weeks to be funded. We were treated fairly and professionally by everyone on the team. Michael, Cliff, Jay and Tiffany were everything the BBB excellent accreditation acclaims of their organization. It is great to have done business with such a fine organization. Strange, but I have never seen any of these mentioned persons, but will validate their professionalism as top notch. These are my kind of people to do business with!
Shirley M., IL   December 23, 2019
It was so easy working with All Reverse Mortgage. They handled all the work for me. I was very pleased with how informative they were about everything, answered all my questions and explained what I didn't understand about the program.I would recommend that anyone interested in a reverse mortgage loan call this company
Don, TN   December 3, 2019
My Experience with All Reverse Mortgage Company I highly recommend this company. My quest to obtain a reverse mortgage began in 2012. checking with two large companies, I learned that I couldn't qualify. Fast forward to June 2017. I had been watching a TV commercial from a reputable reverse mortgage company for some time with a big name front man. But, knowing that I hadn't previously qualified, I imagined that nothing had changed, so I didn't pursue it right away. However, my situation changed when the interest rate on my 5 year ARM rose by more than $200.00 a month. Moreover, my retirement income wasn't increasing enough to cover the new payment. Since it would be necessary to cut back on our spending; something we couldn't afford, I decided to look into reverse mortgages once again. I figured the big name company would be the first one I would contact. Lo and Behold, I now qualified. So I began the process. In truth, I'm not exactly a neophyte when it comes to finances; having worked as an insurance agent, a real estate agent and a real estate appraiser for brief periods of time in the 80's and '90's. The loan consultant I was working with was very smooth, and was pushing hard. Needing the loan, I decided to just go along with the antics and got to the point where they sent me the initial documents to fill out and sign. Unfortunately, I wasn't moving fast enough to satisfy the consultant and the pressure began to increase along with what I can best describe as syrupy, honey this and honey that and becoming too familiar for my liking. Finally, I could no longer stand the approach and gently broke off the process. However, knowing that I could now qualify, I wasn't going to stop pursuing the reverse mortgage. Scanning on-line ads, I came across All Reverse Mortgage, a direct lender with excellent references and decided to give them a try. I was surprised to soon be corresponding with the president of the company. No pressure, good communication skills and willing to place me with his best consultant. He told me not to do anything until I heard from the woman the following day. After chatting with her for some time, reviewing our situation, I felt a level of comfort that put me at ease and decided to allow her to run some numbers for my consideration. Over the next few days, communicating with both my consultant and receiving additional emails from the president, I felt I was in competent hands. The president and I continued to correspond via emails wherein he gave me more references to review. Along the way, the loan consultant and I developed a very good rapport to the point where I sensed a kinship developing which put me further at ease as the process was developing. One day, not long after we were well along in the process I told the consultant that the manner in which she was relating to her clients was more than just an occupation or a career, but what seemed to me more like a ministry, and not just a job. She has a deep sense of commitment toward her clients and would go to the mat to satisfy them and make them feel comfortable and appreciated. We ran into a few difficulties along the way, but they were handled with great professionalism and to my relief. In the end, I truly felt All Reverse did everything they promised and more, in order to bring the process to a successful conclusion. Bottom line for me, we're at the point where the loan is closing in 4 days, and I am a very happy camper. If you have not yet decided which company to guide you to a successful conclusion, I highly recommend All Reverse, you will not go wrong,
Gary B., Athens GA   June 17, 2019
One word...Fantastic! For me, this was a refinance of a previous RM with a different company. When I first contacted Cliff and filled out some brief forms. He then researched my property and came up with a quote the very same day. I started things in motion and from that time on I was kept informed by email and phone of what was happening, which I greatly appreciated. Once counseling had been completed and appraisal done the total time was less than 30 days to closing and money in hand. I took the initial lump sum and the remainder in a line of credit. If line of credit continues to grow as it has in the first month I will be one happy camper. He took time to explain to me how that would be my best option and said it was his personal favorite. It is rare to see owners and staff so dedicated to serving their customers so kudos to them. I have recommended them to my friends.
Wright P., Mesquite TX   June 4, 2019
I would like to extend my thanks to All Reverse Mortgage team for their professionalism & promptness in my pre-approval, and for all the help throughout the loan process. was recommended to me by a close friend of mine, & I can't recommend ARLO enough. My heartfelt thanks to them again!
Ron & Jean, Irvine CA   May 30, 2019
My wife and I would like to let anyone who is considering a reverse mortgage on their home to get in touch with the people at "All Reverse Mortgage". You want the very best in customer service and we felt we found that with this company. Kim Jones, a reverse mortgage specialist, was excellent in working with us. She took us by the hand and worked very hard to make sure all "T's were crossed and all I's dotted". She promptly responded to all our questions and concerns and followed up to make sure that all was on track to complete the process. Without her help, we probably would not have our reverse mortgage today.
Steven R. , Houston TX   May 30, 2019
We had a great experience with All Reverse. They were very thorough with all the information we needed to help decide and then obtain a reverse mortgage. Thanks to Michael, Cliff, and especially Tiffany.
Bonita B., Anaheim CA   May 14, 2019
I used Reverse Mortgage after trying another company that would not return phone calls and or emails. After 6 months I switched to Reverse. I was very anxious because of bad experience with other company. Jay and Greg put my mind to ease . Answered all phone calls and emails. I would recommend Reverse Mortgage without hesitation.
Allen C. , Carrollton TX   May 11, 2019
All Reverse - these guys are awesome. We had a challenging loan but ARLO Team worked it out with a great rate. Thank you.. Highly Recommend!!
Norman B., Miami FL   May 9, 2019
I had an excellent experience with All Reverse Mortgage. When I communicated questions, ARM was quick to answer and was very thorough with their response. They were upfront with all costs and calculations and I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future.
Doug V., Denver CO   March 17, 2019
Just wrapped up our reverse mortgage, I could not have imagined a more professional experience. Everyone involved was extremely prompt, courteous and professional. All Reverse Mortgage is the best.
L. Bonanno , Los Angeles CA   February 26, 2019
All Reverse: Thank you for your help in securing a Reverse Mortgage for Richard and I this winter. Your company was not the first one I called for information on a RM, but from the first day I called you in late January, I was impressed by both your knowledge and your clear explanations. Then, once we had chosen your firm based on your very competitive rates and fees, I was impressed with your quick service. Your employees also provided excellent explanations and service. The process went very smoothly and I would recommend All Reverse Mortgage to seniors like us. Please feel free to use me as a reference if someone has doubts about using an online service like you provide; my phone number is ************. Again, thank you for your competence and patience in dealing with us. Sincerely yours, **** ** *******
Margaret, San Diego CA   February 13, 2019
I have recently done a reverse mortgage with All Reverse Mortgage....A very positive experience to say the least. No thrills or frills there. Precise, concise and no non sense. Talked to a bunch of "others" in the business...what a waste of time......Cliff and Jay at All Reverse were very responsive and timely. It seems they really enjoy and are enthusiastic about their work and what they do....Don't see that much in our society anymore. I can tell you that I am glad I found them to do my reverse mortgage and I have the utmost respect for them...I would highly recommend the experience and professionalism of all at All Reverse Mortgage Company. Doesn't get any better than this. Thumbs up ! ! Sincerely, ***** ********, California Pharmacist/Real Estate Broker
Tim, Dallas TX   February 4, 2019
I want to thank you for what you did for ****** and I with the Reverse Mortgage for our home. You know as a baby boomers we were always taught to work hard and pay off your mortgage. And I would never discourage anyone for not wanting to accomplish that goal. When we built our new home for retirement 2 years ago our financial adviser looked at our assets and told us "Everything looks on track to retire at 65 but you sure are equity poor" As we put the pencil to it both of us realized the money we could release and use tax free. We love our retirement and feel at ease with what we did. It took no time to get it done. Again thank you and your staff. *** and ****** ***
Gary, Los Angeles CA   February 3, 2019
Like most people, the decision to do a reverse mortgage is a major step. We not only had to learn as much as we could about the process and its implications, but had to feel confident that the lender we chose was trustworthy, reliable, and had our best interests at heart While we were impressed with our initial ‘first contact’ with ARLO, we actually began our reverse with a local company based on a referral we’d been given. We thought being able to actually work in person with the rep, rather than by phone might be more advantageous. As it turned out, we were wrong. From incorrect and unproofed amortization tables to, sloppy customer service and everything in between, it was clear that we made a mistake. Needless to say, we went back to ARLO and never looked back. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found him. A man of his word, he not only beat the quote given us by the other company, but picked up all associated fees, and as we went through the process with him, did whatever was necessary, on his end, to insure he met his original quote. He was generous with his time, explained everything, answered all our questions and even provided us with additional illustration models so we could better judge what would work best for us. His focus, clearly, was on how he could best serve OUR needs, and not his own. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Once we said ‘go,’ Raven, Caren and Denise worked diligently and professionally to expedite the loan process through to closing . They were helpful and proficient. They kept us in the loop, and gave us virtually daily progress reports. ARLO remained available to us as well. The financing went through quickly and smoothly. We closed a lot sooner than any of us anticipated. These people are ultimate professionals. Their customer service is fantastic. It’s not often you find a company you know has to be dealing with dozens of clients, and yet has the knack of making you feel that you’re their top priority. All Reverse has exceeded any and all of our expectations. If there’s a rating greater than A+, they deserve it!
Steve, Denver CO   January 26, 2019
I highly recommend All Reverse Mortgage to anyone interested in exploring a reverse mortgage. I have dealt with many mortgage brokers over a 40-year period and have never received a better combination of customer service and value. Cliff and his staff were extraordinarily responsive and provided me with all the information and analytical tools I needed to decide whether a reverse mortgage was right for me. Their costs and rates were significantly better than other quotes I obtained for the same loan amount. Once I decided to move forward, everything went smoothly and there were no surprises or hidden costs. I would say that I tend to be generally skeptical about financial service firms and their integrity, but I have no problem recommending All Reverse Mortgage.
James , Ft. Lauderdale FL   January 13, 2019
I have nothing but high praise for my dealings with All Reverse Mortgage. From my first meeting with ***** who answered all of our questions and with just the basic information we gave him, the quote he gave us was very close the final figures we received. Once we decided to use All Reverse Mortgage, ***** handled the loan processing and she did a terrific job of working with me to get all of the necessary paperwork handled in a timely manner. She was always available very professional. I have owned my home for 44 years and refinanced a couple of times. Dealing with ***** & ***** at All Reverse Mortgage was without question the best company I could have chosen to work with. Nothing but great things to say.
Sharron, Seattle WA   January 3, 2019
My experience with All Reverse Mortgage was all positive. They always returned my phone calls, answered all my questions, Worked with me to get the loan through when there was a question with the appraisal. The loan went through in about a month just as they had said. I went to AAG last year, had a terrible Appraisal done by them, nothing was right on it, they wouldn't re-do the appraisal, they were bad about returning calls. I finally said forget it, if I was going to get that bad of service applying for the loan, how would they be if I had problems after the loan went through? I would recommend All Reverse Mortgage if you are looking for excellent help getting the loan!
Walter S. , San Diego CA   December 18, 2018
Now long retired, my wife and I have considered moving out of state. Ultimately we decided to stay and put our considerable home equity to work in repairs and upgrades to our home in addition to supplementing the GIGANTIC property tax we have to pay every year. This decision triggered a cascade of financial issues that we had to take care of before applying for a Reverse. Updating our Trust, revising Home and Earthquake insurance, and other pre-loan processes took over four months from the time we initially requested Reverse documentation from Michael B to the time the loan actually funded. The material associated with a Reverse is extensive and triggered many questions that Michael was always quick to answer. The shear volume of legal issues we had to deal with during this time was made a lot less stressful thanks to his prompt assistance and patience with our (possibly unique?) set of circumstances. I am very pleased with the service of All Reverse Mortgage and recommend anyone contemplating a Reverse to talk to the folks at this company.
Andrea, Austin TX   December 11, 2018
I highly recommend All Reverse Mortgage to handle your reverse mortgage! Their customer service is excellent, they definitely have the best interest rates, and they have an in-depth understanding of what a reverse mortgage is. They stayed right there with me on a daily basis from beginning to end. They answered all of my questions. They made it so smooth and easy step by step. I felt protected, informed, at ease and I knew exactly what to expect because they handled and explained everything in the beginning and as I progressed through the process, which was only a couple of months. Again, if you are considering a reverse mortgage, All Reverse Mortgage Company is the best company to choose.